View from the Top

I hope you are now not reading emails but taking the chance to rest and relax after your mammoth achievement in making the 7th CSR Conference a great success. You did a tremendous job!

I thought it was a fabulous event …. with truly interesting speakers and experts, and panels comprising diverse experts, enabling different views on each of the panel topics. I was glad to play a role in helping things move forward and very much enjoyed the panels I was involved in, and it was very interesting for me to learn from so many thought-leaders. Thank you for inviting me to take part and for your very kind words in your introductions. I'll try to write a few blog posts on different aspects of the conference as soon as I can…

Elaine Cohen

Beyond Business
Founder & Author

It was a real pleasure to join the panel. Congratulations again on organizing the conference, which is never easy but always worth the effort.

Michael Karimian, Microsoft

Michael Karimian

Microsoft Technology and Human Rights Center
Human Rights Program Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed our panel and the great insights from the other members.

Richard Karmel, Mazars LLP, London

Richard Karmel

Mazars LLP, London
Business and Human Rights Partner

The topic you chose for this year was spot on.

David Kiron - MIT Sloan Management Review's Big Ideas Initiatives

David Kiron

MIT Sloan Management Review's Big Ideas Initiatives
Executive Editor

… die Konferenz hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht und war sehr inspirierend.

Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord

Bayer Foundations
Executive Director and Head Foundations & Donations

The CSR conference was terrific and receiving the award was one of the highlights of my career!

Sandra Waddock - Boston College, Carroll School of Management

Sandra Waddock

Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility / Boston College’s Carroll School of Management
Galligan Chair of Strategy / Professor of Management

Thank you once again for a great conference. I enjoyed it very much and I hope that my participation sparked some debate and interest.

These days, I must admit I do not go to many conferences. But this one really exceeded my expectations and I met a lot of very interesting people!

Richard Welford - CSR Asia

Richard Welford

CSR Asia
Founder and Chairman